According to the 2015 US census there were nearly 50 million people over the age of 65 in the US and they project that number to double to almost 100 million over the next 40 years.  Thanks to improvements in healthcare people are living longer and hopefully better lives. Ways that seniors can improve the quality of their lives are:

Proper medication management: Today there seems to be a pill for everything. So whether it’s prescribed medications or over the counter supplements it is important that seniors take the time to understand what the purpose for each medication or supplement, and if there can be side effects or interactions which could reduce the effectiveness or even be dangerous.

Good Nutrition and Exercise:  As the old saying goes, use it or lose it. Seniors need to keep active, by regularly exercising seniors can delay or even prevent many diseases. Even limited exercise such as chair yoga or an evening stroll can have benefits, such as increased muscle tone or better balance. Proper nutrition is also important, many seniors fail to get the nutrients they need because they might skip meals or choose to eat processed foods which are easy to prepare. Making a few adjustments, such as adding more fresh fruits and vegetables, or sharing meals with friends or family, seniors can get the health benefits of proper nutrition as well as enjoying tasty meals.

Relax, be happy:  Many seniors suffer from stress.  Financial worries, reduced independence, loss of a spouse are all issues which can cause anxiety and stress for a senior.  Stress can impact health in the form of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis as well as other illnesses.  Many seniors are reluctant to seek help, but it is important for their overall health and wellness that when faced with stress to take steps either by consulting a professional or asking for support from friends or family. Stress can also be counteracted with social and spiritual activities, enjoying a hobby, learning something new, volunteering.  Seniors who have active social lives are overall healthier.