The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy

Our History

The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy are a Roman Catholic congregation of religious Sisters who are dedicated to providing care for the sick.  Founded in Italy on 16 May 1821 under the auspices of Pope Pius VII, the order was assisted and aided by Princess Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphili.


Pope Gregory XVI formally approved the congregation’s rule and granted all Sisters citizenship of Rome, even if born outside of Italy.  Gregory XVI hoped that the Sisters would “produce plenty of fruits for the spiritual and physical health of the sick and the poor people.”


Today, the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy are a worldwide religious order with nearly 50 missions in Italy, the United States, India, Philippines, Madagascar, Nigeria, Poland, Switzerland, Cameroon, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Rwanda.


The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy have a convent located on the campus of Villa Raffaella.  Over a dozen sisters live in the community and work at Villa Raffaella Assisted Living, serving as Nurses, Caregivers, Social Workers, Department Heads, and Administrators.

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