1. Be sure to make an effort to extend invitations, arrange transportation if needed, so that your loved one can be part of the holiday celebrations. Just remember that large parties can sometimes be overwhelming, loud and tiring.  They might not be able to participate for the entire time, and might become anxious or exhausted.  Be sensitive to their needs, make sure that they can either retire to a quite area or go home if need be.
  2. Include your loved one in holiday preparations. Everyone likes to feel useful.  Ask them to join you in preparing holiday-baked foods or perhaps a traditional dish that they like.  Even if they are not able to be fully involved, they can still be involved, reading off ingredients, folding napkins.  They can help decorated, even if that simple means suggesting where things might go.
  3. As seniors age, the number of family and friends diminishes, making the holiday season feel lonely. Make an effort to put some decorative touches at their home.  Ask family or friends to send cards so they do not feel so alone. Invited them to take a car ride to see holiday light displays, or out to a holiday concert.  These simple acts can make a senior feel included and valued.
  4. The holiday season is a time for the generations to come together. Sharing memories is a good way for seniors to interact with younger generations, just remember that sometimes seniors might mixed up or forget some details.  Be mindful not to dwell on it or single them out for not remembering as this might embarrass them and cause them to withdraw from the conversation and become self-conscious
  5. Finally remember that the holidays are about being together. Whether you share a meal, bake cookies, spend time doing crafts, or simply reminiscing, time is the greatest gift you can give your loved one.